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The Switch :: 11-JAN-2010 :: 00:33
When I started redoing my website with new code, I started reading a few, than I finished one of them, which led me to another and ultimately gave me the idea to use than implement.. which is how I got the rounded 'corners' on my blog entries, and basically every other area on my site that contains any amount of text.  Here's a list of links I have taken an interest in while working on my site:
Short of information on picture galleries, which if you ask me is a whole other area of web design, a lot of what you might be after.. should be here.  I'm not educated in PHP, Java, Javascript, and Flash, so I didn't bother to look up information in that line when I was working on my site.  My goal wasn't to make my site "highspeed required" and I think I've done well in getting what I am and was after.  My next area of attack on my site is the pages with multiple cells within a table.. and that "float" feature I've been seeing pieces of.  It's all soooo juicy! *lmsao*

Love Flash :: 20-FEB-2010 :: 14:15
I love Flash, but strictly for one reason - for ClickToFlash to block ads really effectively and not require me to add an address to Little Snitch.  In hopes of inspiring people who use Flash on websites, I'm going to be adding links that I hope will allow you to gain enough knowledge to make the switch.  These sites mostly relate to "Canvas" and "JQuery".

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