Mighty Mouse Guts

Those of you who up to speed on Mac's, this mouse has three buttons on the top and two on the side.  The left and right buttons are triggered by sensors to tell with button is being pressed.  The ball on top sits in the cavity with four pins with little magnetic wheels at one end with give their location to the little metal strips in each corner. The middle button is triggered when pressing on the ball, till the mouse clicks, and then activates a feature called Dashboard - a widget desktop if you want to call it that.  The two side buttons activate a feature called Exposé.  Exposé shrinks all your open windows so they all fit into one screen so you can select which window you want from there.

Tools Needed: Small flat head screwdriver or something similar for prying, small philips screwdriver.

I wonder if I violated some unknown Apple agreement by posting pics of the once "Weak Mouse"?