To those interested, all of the patterns except the SOPAT Urban Sniper are available to the public.  Last I checked, I don't think all patterns were on the site.
I'm not sure how "Biotechnology" fits in the company name.

SOPAT Woodland SOPAT Central Dark SOPAT Central SOPAT Rural SOPAT Cascade SOPAT NightOps
SOPAT Light Desert SOPAT Medium Desert SOPAT Dark Desert SOPAT CQB
(Close Quarters Battle)
SOPAT Temperate SOPAT Mountain SOPAT Urban Sniper SOPAT Snowdust SOPAT Euro-Spring SOPAT Deepwood

For the peace of mind of those in ownership of HyperStealth™; HyperStealth is a Registered Canadian Trademark of HyperStealth;
"SOPAT" "Special Operations Pattern" are Trademarks of Guy Cramer and Timothy R. O'Neill ... and so on.  ∗rolls eyes∗