Navistar Defense :: FTTS (Quad of my Dreams!)

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Notice the steering capabilities.  There's the normal way, quad-steer and crab-steer.

Spec Sheet :: Video: M4V (67.80MB) FLV 8.78MB

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FTTS: The International® FTTS (Future Tactical Truck System) utility vehicle is a formidable opponent.  Built with enhanced ballistic and mine protection it provides added protection.  Its body equipment integration system delivers agile performance despite the added weight of armor.  This vehicle conquers all challenges on the battlefield and off.  Designed to meet the new threats using the latest technologies in armor, materials and electronics, the FTTS provides unsurpassed toughness and unparalleled versatility.

Navistar Defense no longer lists this truck on their website.  I'm not sure why.: FTTS Info Page :: FTTS Gallery


The 18,500 pound (8.39 ton) tactical utility vehicle is the smaller vehicle, built by International. It is powered by a hybrid-electric engine, positioned in the rear, clearing more room in the cab. The vehicle used four-wheel steering for enhanced maneuverability, including driving sideways. The vehicle is fitted with a remote weapons system. (Original)

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