Alinco DR-235 Modification

Turn the radio off.  Disconnect the power source.  Open the bottom cover by removing the 4 screws located on each corner of the bottom cover surfce.  Locate a BLUE looped jumper wire that comes out of a slot on the back of the front control unit (it is attached to the back of the front panel on a pad).  Remove the jumper and trim the remaining wire properly to prevent a short circuit.

Reassemble the bottom cover. Connect the power source and turn on the unit with the FUNC key pressed to reset the microprocessor. Settings will become the factory default.

The unit will transmit and receive between approximately 200.000 and 299.999 MHz where the VCO will lock.  If the display is flashing, you have lost VCO lock and operation is not possible.

Also, if you press the FUNC key and the SQL key when you turn the power on you will get a handy digital voltage display.  (Example: 13.7v)

˜ If I get inside pics, they will be posted. ˜
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